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So you want to get fit?…

…or do you wish to be able to fit into that bikini, complete the London Marathon, or just be able to play with your children for the afternoon without feeling exhausted?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You struggle to lose weight, and are confused by the many diets and weight loss trends
  • You spend hours at the gym but are not improving, and you don’t see the results you’d like
  • You want to improve your fitness but are not sure of the best way to achieve this
  • You would like to go to the gym but feel too self conscious

By investing in me, you will have my enthusiasm and drive to encourage you to take responsibility for your health, fitness and general well being, and I will help you achieve your optimum feeling of physical and mental well being.

Some of the many benefits to exercise and eating a healthy diet:

  • Physical activity assists in weight loss and reduces obesity
  • Exercise improves muscle tone, strength and stamina
  • Regular aerobic exercise reduces blood pressure
  • Small bouts of exercise reduce cholesterol levels
  • Exercise alleviates depression and reduces stress levels
  • Risk of heart disease is reduced through exercise
  • Exercise lowers the risk of developing Diabetes Type II
  • Weight bearing exercise helps to protect against Osteoporosis
  • Exercise and a healthy diet increase energy levels
  • Eating healthy foods strengthens your immune system
  • Better digestion is gained by eating a healthy diet

Now you can see how much you will benefit from including exercise and a healthy diet into your lifestyle… how can you afford not to???


“The exercises were enjoyable as Sarah didn't work me too hard, just to my ability....”

Magaret Bancroft – Elland